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The other day at work I wrote down the date and realized, belatedly, I'm sure, that there are 2 weeks left in the year. Ouch and Where did it go?

Around this time of year is usually when I start making Resolution lists. Generally, this is a good practice. Ben Franklin allegedly made a list of all his faults, and eliminated them one at a time. I begin by looking back over last year's list to see how I did:

1. Be Prompt. I have a horrible habit of being late for everything. I've missed friend's weddings. Didn't improve much this year.

2. Write novel. Ixnay. Haven't done it. Didn't work on it much, except some rewrites and a plot treatment.

3. Save (a certain value of money). Flunked.

4. Change careers. Hmmm. Actually, for such a tall order, I did pretty well by finding a job as a Technical Editor.

5. Lose (a certain amount of weight). Maybe next year.

6. Quit smoking. OK, 2000 is the first year that even made it onto my list. By far the most important thing I've done in years. I started smoking at 15. I've smoked half my life. From January through October I failed. Then, with the help of Hypnosis, and a dear friend who helped me with the first 24 hours, I finally managed to kick it. It's been worth
every second.


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