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Free Flair....
The United States of advertising is hard at work. Each week a pile of coupons, flyers, cards, and other unsolicited bits of former trees stuff my box, despite my letters to the Mail Preference Services. It distracts, it annoys, it catches on the lock.

Among the recycling, occassionally, an interesting piece slips through. This week, a free magazine popped out between the sheaths of newspaper ads. Flair, a quarterly "woman's" magazine, seemed like it was hardly worth it, but I thought I'd flip through on the Metro ride. Though flimsy by more literary magazine's standards, it actually had some informative articles on travel. But where was the catch? Where was the "blow" card asking for subscriptions?

Curiosity drove me to the masthead, where I discovered the awful truth. The magazine is funded, produced, even Copywrited by the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation.

And me, here I am, trying to quit.

Congratulate me on day two, smoke free (again).

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