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It's a SKINK
A few weeks ago, I began a second career as a Veterinary Assistant, a receptionist/kennel keeper on Saturdays and occasional Sundays. The job is rewarding (emotionally more than financially), and I have the opportunity to work with pets, which I've missed since moving away from the FMCA.

Dr. Rhody of Lakeside Veterinary Center in Laurel, MD cares for all types of pets, from a bobcat (!) to a Blue-toungued Skink (not "skank," which I accidentally called it, to the amusement of my new coworkers). Lakeside VC is well-respected, and I enjoy the job, despite having to master a computer that inisists it's 1985 (they're changing over to a new one). It's a nice job, low-maintenance, by which I mean I don't take the work home with me, literally or psychologically. It is also labor-intensive; I have a feeling of accomplishment when I get done.

Now, if I could just remember which species is which.

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