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Metro Madness
Thursdays are usually calm days -- ever notice how the days get easier as the week progresses? I'd had a fairly rough week to begin with; several ten-hour days, plus a new job at the vet's. Thursday, however, started out as a doozie.

First, I was running about a half-hour behind schedule. The DC Metro ride into the work was blessedly uneventful: no panhandlers, no sudden stops, no preachers on board praying for my eternal soul. It was so uneventful, in fact, that my mind wandered and I missed my stop.

No problem. I disembarked at the next station, darted across the platform to a train headed in the direction from which I'd just come. But I sort of got caught in the doors. That is, my briefcase got caught in the closing doors, and propped it open. Now, this happens more than you'd think, given the large number of daily riders and the proportionate number of briefcases. But the doors, which are supposed to reopen like elevator doors in such an emergency, didn't.

I managed to knock it into the subway car with a fist. Still, my poor briefcase is a little banged up. And now I don't have the luxury of giggling at everyone else this happens to.

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