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Thanks be to Virginia Woolf, I have always been fortunate enough to always have a room of my own (save those scant months at age ten when my sister and I shared). When I moved out, however, I discovered that living alone, completely alone, can drive you nuts. Within weeks of getting my first real apartment, I adopted a cat, named him Raja, and bought him lots of toys. It’s nice to have another heartbeat in the house.

Raja was joined by a host of cats and kittens I fostered for the FMCA, including one I kept, Cheetah. I also enjoy keeping Tropical fish, who have proven hardy despite my care.

This morning Cheetah was going more berserk than usual, sitting at the window chirping her little “I’m hunting” chirp. I glanced out to see two welcome visitors – brown doves I've been feeding at my new place for the past three years. This year, they have decided on a more permanent spot, nestling (literally) between the curved stems of a Snapdragon plant I bought last week. They have picked a currently unplanted, dirt-filled terra-cotta pot for a nest, and have somehow fashioned the Snapdragon stems into service for cover. The two no longer immediately fly away when I open the door, either. So, soon, it appears I’ll have a family of roomies living on my porch.

For the first time since I relocated to the Washington DC Metro area, the Mall’s famous cherry blossoms will bloom in time for the parade, which takes place this Saturday, March 31. The first two week’s of April promise to be filled with the Japanese cherry trees’ blooms, if the wind slows before then, it should be quite lovely.

So, for the first time since I relocated to the Washington DC Metro area, I will be attending the Cherry Blossom Festival!

More Metro Madness
I got on the Metro last week, and looked over the shoulder of the person in front of me to read a flyer about the proposed Purple Line to run around DC. The idea is an old one, and has resurfaced this time as a “light rail” that will run the circumference of DC, just inside the Beltway. According to an article by Metro DC Future, the two-to-four cab trains will carry the same number of people as three lanes of traffic, shuttling commuters from Bethesda to Tysons in less than half the time it takes by car without traffic. Sounds good to me! It's an environmentally sound solution to our problems, provided they don't go with Coal-produced electricity.

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