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Even Back Then

A close friend recently brought to my attention the original script of a radio address by Canadian Gordon Sinclair who, disgusted by the international verbal abuse Americans received in the 1970's, gave the address on his show in 1973. I think that this piece is as relevant now as it was then. Maybe moreso, in light of recent events.

We have, since the 70's, continued to assist in disaster relief described by Sinclair, as well as war-torn regions around the world. Since 1973 we have had many other internal conflicts, problems, numerous earthquakes and hurricanes, Waco... the list
is long, even in my short lifetime. As Sinclair points out, we stand alone during our troubles, and survive.

But read the script. Note that even back then, Sinclair donated all royalties from reuse of his script to the American Red Cross. Call your local Red Cross and give blood, even if you haven't any money to donate.

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