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Living in a Police State of Mind

Two days ago, following the attack of which we are all aware, DC, MD, and VA all declared a state of emergency. Slightly scary. Hummers and armed National Guardsmen are patrolling the Capitol of our great nation, leaving me to wonder, where the hell are we headed?

Not long ago, I drove my honey Jon to the airport, Dulles even, and stood by while he checked in, then rode on one of those weird retro-futuristic transports to the terminal building with him, pressed together like sardines on a subway (sighhhh). We disembarked, grabbed a bite to eat at the local Burger King (at that time, dearies, you could get plastic knives), and meandered over to his gate with him. We chatted and giggled, right up until time for him to leave, when he gave me a wonderfully romantic and genuine full-on kiss. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. The kiss that makes you wobbly.

Gone are the days when I will see my honey off on his flights. Gone, too, the days when we could show up an hour early, having time to eat before boarding. Gone, perhaps forever, the chance to spend every last second with him, knowing in the back of your mind that accidents happen, that your last kiss may take place curbside in the front of a car, rather than among the camaraderie of fellow lovers and spouses bidding farewell.

I’m lucky – Jon will be back soon, and safely. But what we have lost cannot be regained. Our innocence and the unfounded worry is gone.

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