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Weird Week

It's been a while -- almost a month! Whew! Where have I been? At home, mostly, living the life of the... "between permanent jobs" people. Not to say that I haven't been working hard. My home is clean. My car's been waxed. My cats are brushed within an inch of their third life. I've applied for bunches of jobs on- and off-line, but I keep applying to the same places, so I'm not sure if I can recount all of them. For example, I would love to work at the Humane Society of the U.S., and have submitted for three or four jobs there since August. Rowman and Littlefield publishing house keeps hearing from me too; I really want to work at a publisher or in an academic office. I wonder if it's like your credit rating: you know, too many requests bump you down on the list.

I thought the proposal work would pick up when the government's fiscal year started over in October, but that hasn't happened. I've been waiting and waiting for word from my contracting agencies (read Temp), but all is quiet on that front.

Don't get me wrong, I've had some excellent luck lately. Truly amazing.

Take the first week of October. I obtained an interview with University of Maryland University College, a top-notch continuing education center that is a leader in internet and distance learning. Truly, a fabulous opportunity. My dream is to work in academia; the benefits are unbeatable, the location is pristine and local, all-in-all, my first choice. In preparation, I read up on the school, pestered my friends into helping me brush up my interview skills, and got a haircut.

The haircut sounds extraneous, but wait. It's important.

I traveled into DC for a haircut at my favorite place, The Last Tangle. I only get my hair cut about twice a year, so this is an event worth noting (plus, I deserve a little pampering). But the point here is that I drove into DC, and subsequently had to drive out again. Bear with me, here's where the action of the story takes off.

If I hadn't been in my car, I wouldn't have been listening to my favorite radio station. If I hadn't been listening to 94.7, I wouldn't have heard their NBC radio contest for the week. If I didn't religiously watch Must See TV, I wouldn't have recognized the voices of characters Nina van Horn and Jack Gallo, wouldn't have grabbed my cell phone, wouldn't of called the station on a whim.

But I did drive, listen, hear, watch, recognize, and call.

And I won.

Yes! I won an NBC fleece Columbia-brand jacket (ooohhh, toasty), a pic of all four main characters in Will & Grace (eBay, here I come), and, get this, a Vivicam digital camera, not to mention an entry in the end-of-week drawing for the big prize: a trip for two to Hollywood, California. Nice? Very.

I won that, too.


So, Jon is risher by one camera, I'm keeping the fleece, and I'm taking my sister Janie to Hollywoodland.

The job interview went well, I think, but I still haven't heard from them. The waiting is killing me.

Thursday, October 4 was a weird evening. My neighbor had a kitchen fire, a big one. Melted his microwave. Singed the ceiling. Set off the sprinklers and soaked his rug. Still, could have been much worse, and I'm glad I was here to help out.

There were just a lot of ups and downs that week. Went to a very good football game with Jon on the 6th. This past week's been calmer. I attended my best friend Kellie's wedding on the 13th, and will be posting pictures soon.

That should bring us up to about... now.

Check ya later.

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