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Tendinitis, Anyone?

It's very difficult to find a new doctor. I've been looking since October, halfheartedly. It recently became more urgent, as my elbow pain worsened. Seems that stressing my elbow in January while helping a friend move, and then again on Jon's birthday, lifting firewood when the heat went out, resulted in what is commonly known as Tennis Elbow.

Yes, yes, Jon's already pointed out the obvious: "But you don't play tennis."

Apparently, you can be a slug and still get tennis elbow. The upside of this painful malady is that I did find a wonderful GP, Dr. Penny Bisk, one of Washingtonian Magazine's Top Docs. There's no comparison to the last doc I went to about this elbow pain, who didn't even touch my arm or examine it beyond asking me a few questions; she said simply "Don't use it for a couple of weeks."

Hmm. Hard to do if you're right handed and need to shop, clean, work, tile, wash your hair, or do anything at all, really.

Dr. Bisk's excellent advice was a prescription for an anti-inflamatory, a brace recomendation, and a warning that if it doesn't improve, I'll have to suffer an injection in the tendon. Now that's motivation to keep me from using it so much.

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