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There and Back Again

It's been a year almost to the day since my last post. Now that my ISP has fixed a problem which allows me to post fuss-free, I'm back

A lot has happened since 5/7/2002. I got married. That's huge. Planning a wedding and moving in and traveling with my hubby, well, suffice it to say I'm a very happy woman.

Jon and I have been renovating the house. So far, we've refinished the wood floors, added a full bath and two rooms in the basement. We've refinished the main floor's bathroom and painted it (with much help from my friend Sarah), put up a new light fixture, curtains, etc. In fact, the main bathroom is the only completed room in the house. It's my pride and joy. like walking into another house entirely.

Since getting married in October, Jon has used his frequent flyer miles to take me to some very interesting places, including Minneapolis (home of the Mall of America), La Jolla (near San Diego), Tucson, and London and Cheltenham, England. Not to mention Clemson, SC, where Jon gave a talk about pseudorpimes, his specialty.

Writing and Writing and 'Rithmatic
I have been writing some, mostly on websites or in my journal. Online, you can see some of my work on epinions.com, including a review of The Hilton Metropole and The Hampton Inn & Suites of Providence, as well as The Hampton Inn Clemson.

I've been reading a great deal. Just finished the forgettable Tad WIlliams sci-fi book, Otherland: City of Golden Shadow, first in a four-book marathon series I do not plan to finish. Also, I've read the excellent and interesting Amy Tan book, The Bonesetter's Daughter, and am a few pages from the end of The Wind Done Gone.

My most exciting outing of late was seeing Jon give a talk at Clemson. I'd never seen him in this elelment before, talking in front of his peers. I admit I didn't follow much of it, and pestered Jon with questions about it on the long drive home.

That's about it, catching us more or less up to the present day. There have been births: the Burkes and Granthams (Ian and Carrie) have had boys; Friends Rachel and Kellie are expecting one each this year. And there have been deaths; my grandfather passed August 4, 2002. He was 92, lived a long, good life, had seven children, 17 Grandchildren, and I've lost count of the great grandchildren, and a wife of 60 years. Though he is missed, I know we should all be so lucky.

More soon.

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