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Saying Nothing About Dogs

I'm supposed to be reading the bookclub book, Remains of the Day, but I'm much more interested in Hugo-Award Winner To Say Nothing of the Dog. Jon suggested it. We've worked out a reading exchange program; Jon reads some Pulitzer winning fiction, I'll read some Hugo's.

So far, I'm enjoying Connie Willis' time-travel story, though the characters spend more time in Victorian England's countryside. I'm missing the futuristic bits that make you sit up and say "oh, that's cool." The author uses time travel as a means to write a historical novel from the "modern" point of view, which strikes me as a thin trick. However, the book is funny, lighthearted, and I'm invested in the interesting characters. Also, the author is holding my attention with suspense, keeping back information from the main characters (and, thus, the reader), while pulling me along. The most recent chapter brought in another "future" character into the Victorian dillemma, a character who is well-drawn and interesting, making me sit up and say "oh, what's happening now?"

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