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Tour of Duty

Yesterday was my first time up as a potential juror in PG county. It's the most excitement I've had since the last time I had to be somewhere at 7:30 am. Yippee....

It was fairly boring, sitting in a room with 150 other people fervently hoping they won't be chosen to perform their civic duty. I almost got it, but fortunately the defense attorney didn't like me, so I got freed. Yippee!

I think it might have been a comment I made to the judge. On being asked if I'd ever been the victim of a crime, I truthfully told him about my robbery a couple of years ago. He asked if I thought it would affect my decision in this case. My reply: "Well, your honor, I'm pretty bitter about it."

Voila. It's just that easy.

Seriously, I know I need to do my civic duty, but most people will agree that a petit jury service summons is almost as depressing as getting a letter from the IRS. Technically, I DID my civic duty for the next three years just by showing up.

Did I mention I needed to be there by 7:30? The court doesn't even open until 8, judges aren't there until 9. Also, I find it funny that the court required business dress, but I saw a girl (yes, girl, about 16) wandering the halls in her bunny slippers. Big pink ones. Might have had something to do with the newborn she was carrying.

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