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Writing, Reading

I've been busy lately, between catching up on my reading, writing a new short story, and changing my name.

I've finished a Pulitzer Prize winner, House Made of Dawn, and am starting on the classic Remains of the Day for bookclub. I'm a little frightened to read it. When Jon and I went to the library to check out new books (one of our favorite pasttimes), the librarian warned me that "this is the saddest book. It's really sad. The movie was kinda sad, but the book is really sad." He seemed very intent on warning me of the sadness involved in reading the book.

Now I don't want to read it.

If you know People Who Read, you know that some of us, many of us, read many books at once. I'm also re-reading It's About Time, an excellent book on the problem of procrastination. It details six major procrastination styles, from Dreamer to Overdoer to Perfectionist procrastinators. I'm impressed that I qualify for at least three of the styles. Maybe I should have majored in procrastination in college.

A few years ago, I entered a grant competition for fiction writers sponsored by the Maryland State Arts Council. The MSAC rotates awards from year to year; this year, it's fiction, next year poetry. They also give out awards in visual arts and music . I heartily recommend that any artists check with their state arts council to see what grants are available.

I'm now officially Christina Ruiz Grantham. No hyphen. I got a new driver's license, got new checks. It's official!

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