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Back again

We had a great time in Cancun, and I will be creating a travelogue section on my website -- about to be new! -- shortly. Suffice it to day, Cancun is to Mexico what Vegas is to the States.

I've been busy writing poems and editing for Northrop Grumman. I'm worried that at this point I'm far more interested in work that doesn't pay -- at least for now. The ideas are flowing, the writing is going, and I'm plugging away at life.

Life, too, is plugging away at me.

When the "freedom" drain was installed, and basement moisture problems solved, I felt a sense of relief, until I realized there are many, many more things to do. Now I can paint and tile the rest of the basement. Oh, and the dryer blew up, so we're shopping for a new one. Dryers, like all other products, have gottenmuch snazzier and, likewise, more expensive.

I really want one of these new models with a pedestal base. Of course, you can get some of them without buying the dryer: Check out Frigidare's basic box. Some have drawers underneath.

Now, I'm off to bargain shop.

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