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I got my Travelin' Shoes

I spoke to an author today, who is working on the same proposal I am. He noted that he'd been away from home more days than not this year. It took me a second to realize we're only 18 days into the year. (What can I say? I'm gullible.) Still, it was a little chilling, because it's true of me as well, and I hadn't realized until that joking comment.

I've been home a mere 5 nights this year. Whew! I spent 9 nights in NC, and have been here 3 nights already. Again, whew!

The wind, it seems, is blowing me around almost as much as when I was a child. Gathering airline miles and making money is all well and good, but I'm longing for home, and alone.

Still, I'm comfortable, if chilly, here in RI. Aquidneck Island is lovely, full of gothic mansions formerly populated by Astors and Vanderbilts, now museums open to the public. Seaside at every turn, the quaint villages that dot the island still do not fill it. Long stretches of road and farmland remain unpopulated, charming. At least, I've read it's lovely. With the hours I've been working, I haven't seen much during daylight.

I can heartily recommend the Hampton Inn, Middletown. The staff is friendly, the hotel new. I'm impressed with the quality of the place, and it's nice to know that the bedspread has no more than two months' worth of dirt. (Most hotels reportedly only wash bedspreads once a year. Blankets once a month.)

The job is good. Long hours, but I'm getting plenty of sleep, and without any responsibilities but taking care of myself and getting to work, well... it's pretty boring, actually. I've almost too much time to myself, and am so used to spending my time on cleaning and renovations and other homey things, that, when I've hours to face, alone in my king suite with wet bar and free Internet, what should be like a mini-vacation is more of a shock. There are these blank moments when I have to stop and think of how to fill the next, seconds passing during which all I feel are my empty, frosty hands.

Then I head to the computer, or a little bit of sorting Acronyms, or laying out my clothes, or straightening before answering emails... any of the many little chores that fill my free time, and make me feel not quite so far from home.

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