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What'll I do, when I am far away?

and oh, so blue, what'll I do?

Not too blue, except when I come in from the cold. It's 19 degrees here and dropping fast, but it feels like 2.

I'm hopeful that the workflow will be good today, but am losing hope that I will be able to spend any time with my hubby this weekend. Looks like I'll be working crazy hours after pens-down at midnight tonight .

I've been spending time researching Democratic candidates. I liked Clark around the edges, which is as far as I knew him, but his lack of experience (he has never held any political office) and his militarism (former General) chills me down to lukewarm. Dean's interesting, but as a doctor who's wife is a doctor, I feel sure he is one of the wealthy beneficiaries of Bush's tax cut that he so consistently (and hypocritically) derides. Seriously, he's worth like $4 million. I have a philosophical objection to voting for millionares.

I was batting around the idea of voting for Al Sharpton, mainly because I've been thinking a lot lately of real-world comedy, or comedy that crosses the fourth wall into real-life situations, a-la Andy Kaufman, or Adaptation. It's like a fourth-world of comedy, the tesseract of jokes crossing from the Improv to daily life. (I'm fascinated by the concept.) Voting for Sharpton would be a literal joke inserted into real life.

After snapping back from critically considering Comedic Reality (CR) to Actual Reality (AR), I started doing research.

Enter VR.

[Internet's a great thing, blah blah blah.]

But I found the one I was looking for. Kucinich, a liberal Democrat with experience, a vegan and environmentalist, a believer in at-cost power for the masses, he seems to be the one for me.

And there can be only one.

I'll continue to read up on the various candidates, most of whom look to me like they were cookie-cut out of cream cheese (especially Dean). I've taken a quiz on SelectSmart.com to match me up with my ideal candidate. I'm fascinated that the quiz matched me to Kucinich at 72% (the highest score anyone got for my political views), followed by the Green Party candidate (unannounced, but probably Nader again) at 69%. Fourth is Dean at 63% (eeeewwww). Last, my consistent match every voting year, the Socialist candidate, currently Walt Brown. Other candidates came in at less than 50%. Bush squeaked by in 13th place at a 19% match, beating out the lowewst-ranked Constitution candidate with just a 13% match.

I'm with Kucinich unless I find out he's a bum. I may even volunteer for his campaign. But don't take my word for it. Try measuring your interests and political priorities on SelectSmart.com.

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