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Life in Kuwait...

My Cousin "Sarge," just went over to the Middle East. This week, he sent an open letter to a bunch of family. He writes that life in Kuwait:

"... is good. Some days are scorchers, some are just hot. And it's only March. This summer should be fun.

"We continue to prepare to move north. Don't worry about me; with my rank and position I am pretty safe.

"Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. For the Arkansas clan, we have one of your battalions with us. One of the soldiers is even a cousin by marriage... [SNIP] I've had 2 distant cousins from Arkansas while I was at Ft. Hood, and they didn't know me.

"Once I'm in Baghdad, I will let you know my snail mail address. Don't worry when you hear about 1st Cav casualties, unless my wife calls you. She is the one the Army would notify."

It's a fairly powerful letter.

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