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My Sister's Organizational Hints

This is my sister's e-mail reply to my Mission Impossible blog. Maybe I should start a comments field, like Jon. Probably not.

She makes me laugh... usually at myself. With her permission....


Just looked at your Blog... You have way too much time on your hands!!!!

When you have time to clean your house and tell the world in excruciating detail the manner in which you organized your garbage bags, it's time for you to breed. I mean, spit out some offspring... That'll cure ya.

HOLY COW!!! Listen up chickadee, you have to spend a few nites over a sick child, go through 7th grade homework again, make Dr. appts and pick up another kid within one hour across town without getting busted by the fuzz, prepare a meal (several for picky eaters), bathe and tuck in the offspring… while making sure that you don't lose the bid on e-bay, doing laundry, and unloading a dishwasher, then make it to bed in time to get up in a cheery, non-evil manner in an effort to do it all again, only faster the next day because you have multiple appointments....

I spared you the first two-thirds of my day. Geez, Ruiz... either get out more or.... no, just get our more. You need material.

And, hey, that raises a question: you mentioned "stuff for NC… “What the hell is coming out of your closets to my non-existant ones?!” Come clean or I'll meet you at the border. And don't even think about it unless it includes that painting that I've coveted for years. You could get it copied by a starving artist and surprise my for my 15th wedding anniversary. I will need such a present. Not just a hint, dear, it's a COMMAND... AH-hahahahahahahha.... [swoops cape and wafts away].

Sorry, just another little manic, weird-happies moment brought to you by our sponsor, “exhaustion”

kissies -- Mia

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