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New Week

Jon got home Sunday, really Monday morning. Chel noted that I'm "different" when he's not around, "dimmer" somehow. I know I shifted gears into solitude last week, staying home (a non-working auto helped) and writing. Now that he's back... I'm still writing.

Obsessed is what I am. I've pulled all my thesis poems for substantive rewrites. Last week, I got 7 poems to a state where they're either finished, or ready to show to my writing partner. Might not sound like much, but a poem a day represents about 28 hours' work.

Having a writing partner is not a new idea, but it's a good one. Think Keats, Shelley and Byron. Or screenwriters, who often work in pairs. Some of the benefits are feedback from someone whose skills you trust, once-weekly deadlines to spur you into action. It's been a real blessing to have Sarah as a writing partner. We read published poets and share our insights and perspectives, share information on publishing, buddy-up for readings, and share letter templates or matrices of publishing houses.

Working with Sarah was a natural choice -- we have similar backgrounds (MFA UMCP, her Army Brat status matches up nicely with my businessman-child travels), and respect each other's skills. I'm looking forward to meeting with her once I get my car fixed.

Yes, there's something else wrong with my car. Probably a strut.

I think I prefer the escapism of writing.

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