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Double Dip

One of the last thoughts I had while leaving Bread Loaf this year was "Next time, as a Scholar!"

In order to attend Bread Loaf as a scholar, you must have published at least one book. To be a fellow, it seems, two books form the prerequisite. Although I had played with the idea of being on staff (how cool would it be to do the daily newspaper?), I had no hopes of actually getting such a position. I'd heard from (friend and former attendee) Kellie that those jobs went mostly to former interns (waiters), and were rare commodities.

Imagine my surprise at being invited to Bread Loaf, 2005, as a staff member!

Just this week I received the formal invitation to work in the bookstore. This work-study program affords free tuition, free room & board, and a small stipend. It includes a workshop, meetings with professionals, and attending any events that do not conflict with my work hours.

I feel as if I won some secret prize. So much gratitude, and no idea where to direct it. Of course I said yes, because it may be hard work, but it's worth working for.

Next time, as a Staffer!

Congrats! That's pretty cool.
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