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Always a Great Place to Stay?

Greetings from sunny Las Vegas, which proves the only constant in the Universe is change. Steve Wynn is putting up yet another monstrousity, though this time he's putting his name on it.
Condos (from the 300's) are going up on the north Strip, near Stratosphere and the Las Vegas Hilton, where Jon and I are currently staying.

I'm a little dissapointed in the hotel. Aside from the excitement of the Star Trek "rides" (which I've yet to Experience), and the really large room, the hotel is a little... well, like all Vegas hotels, it's a little overused. There are little chunks -- bite marks, sort of-- in the door where the bell persons (ours was a female hu-mahn) wedge open the door. Small things, such as the pool being closed (why'd I bring my swimsuit?) or the lack of an extra desk chair, which would be nice considering the largess of deskspace and table tops.

I'm beginning to wonder if we got a handicapped-accessible room. That would explain the double-wide passways and lack of extra chairs.

It's a nice room. Not the most elegant Hilton, but I can see where they might not want to invest in rooms that are so sorely misused. I've come to the conclusion that Vegas is seedy exactly because it attracts so many visitors. The constant rotation of drunk gamblers out for a good time fray the place a little bit, so it always looks a little... dingy.

I do have to say that the decor in the LV Hilton is lovely; they've obviously redecorated recently. The logo is everywhere: on the furniture, the headboard; the half-wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom is cut in the same "H" shape. Even the driveways' cobblestones out front are shaped in that stylized letter. It's these details that make the place interesting.

Definite pluses to the Hilton are the Star Trek Experience, including Quark's bar (sans Ferengi waiters, despite the ads). LV Hilton also owns the largest collection of ST "artifacts" in the world, all of which keep visitors occupied on the way to the "rides."

Lastly, the LV Hilton is always good for a chuckle. From the form letter welcoming us:

Thank you for choosing the Las Vegas Hilton, "Always" a great place to
stay. [Quotation marks theirs]
This time of year, the Strip is nearly empty. Christmas revelers have yet to arrive; even the weekender's aren't here yet. The casino is downright... quiet. I recall it being so much louder, but perhaps that was a function of the Excalibur, where we stayed last time. Being off the Strip, the LV Hilton caters to business travelers and conventioneers.

Of course, gambling abounds. I obtained a Player's card (those handy little cards that credit you based on gameplay), and sat down at penny slots. One dollar for 100 spins? Just my speed.

I won $7.44.

I'm off to try my hand at Video Joker Poker. (Yea, they got me.)

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