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With apologies to the men, a clarification

My cousin, CSM Eddie, wrote me a funny note from the Green Zone, saying he was going to "figure out what puerile means." Which started me thinking.

In my original letter to USA Today, I did not intend to call all men puerile. They edited out half the letter, for space reasons they said. The final paragraph originally read:

While neither women nor men should start chortling at the term "cocky" in a professional situation, it is the men who should be admonished. This ridiculously puerile attitude taken to its extreme will shortly bar"duty" and "penal" from the "female" lexicon.

"Ridiculously puerile" specifically meant the attitude that society has to treat innocuous words as if they were vulgar. Not that men's attitudes in general are puerile. I know many fine men, and I like you all.

But seriously, can we get a pay raise over here?

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