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What a great show

The new Battelstar Galactica is fantastic! Granted, BG parallels the plot of the original, I never saw the original, so it's all new to me.

It's well-scripted, plotted, acted, and beautifully filmed. The episodes are as creepy as The Outer Limits (remember all those cyborg episodes?). The characters are deeply explored, a feat accomplished mostly by not shying away from the emotional horrors of battle, and by keeping the dialogue short and to-the-point, making the show feel fast-paced. In actuality, they take their time developing the story. For example, the mini-series' first half-hour is devoted entirely to vignettes about the characters who will be important later.

The interactions between characters are strong as well. The large cast size (at least 20 principles, with a potential up to 45,000) increases the show's scope to a level commensurate with Deep Space Nine. The creators allow small details to focus characters, never overloading the show's swift movement forward with long monologues. Conversely, they take their time exploring and developing the true crises that can be encountered in battle. "33" shows the convoy's tiring retreat; "Water" details the crises of feeding and watering 45,000+ people. Character-building vignettes pepper the main plots.

If you're a sci-fi fan, don't miss it.

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