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Catch of the Day

Yesterday, off the coast of Nantucket, a miracle was hoisted onboard one of Robert Wholey & Co. 's fishing boats. A 22-pound lobster (pictured here with your average Lobster-Fest 1.5 pounder) estimated to be over 100 years old has been relocated to the Philadelphia Zoo, awaiting transport to it's final destination, Ripley's Believe it or Not "Museum."


Here is a grandaddy lobster, who has survived several wars, global warming, pollution, and predators only to be rudely snatched up by a fish market's boat.

I say we send him back from whence he came to live out his life. He should die in the wild. I mean, we seriously have the freakshow mentality when we snatch every lovely thing, every awesome sight, take it out of daily, organic cycles and stick it under glass. Poor thing's shell, when he dies (I give him a month at Ripley's), will be gawked at in their charnel house for eons.

I felt the same way when the Smithsonian suggested stuffing Hsing Hsing, who passed away on November 28, 1999. (They didn't.)

But hey, this is just a big lobster, right?

Well, he didn't make it. At least he'll be used to "educate children." How? Kids, don't do this to a lobster?
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