Object Lessons: Rantings of a Lone Pamphleteer
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Dear Senators Mikulski and Sarbanes,

With apologies for not having time for a real blog, the text of a letter sent to each of the Senators follows.

Dear Senator,

Thank you for the great job you've been doing for Maryland. My one concern for our lovely State is that, with all this growth, Maryland's natural spaces will recede into memory. However, Maryland is not the state currently at risk. I am one voter who is adamantly opposed to oil drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge. It is my fervent hope that you will oppose any and all bills, amendments, or budget items that would allow such a travesty to one of our nation's last remaining wild spaces.

I truly believe that we share our world with all living things, that divinity can be perceived in them, and that to endanger more and more of our natural environment will, in the end, endanger the entire human race.

Please instead support measures to enforce fuel economy. If all cars were at least partially electric, the external costs (pollution, gas prices, etc.) would be cut in half for all new car purchases. By reducing our dependence on oil, we will not only protect nature, we will deflate the income of countries supporting terrorism.

We can further reduce our dependence on consumable fuels by using solar, wind, and water power. Although I acknowledge that the start-up costs would be high, someone needs to be a leading voice in helping to create the infrastructure for renewable energy sources.

I hope it is your voice.


Mrs. Christina R. Grantham

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