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Message from 1936

Jon has only recently gotten me to start sleeping more normal hours, then I went and accepted a job next week working nights.


I've been so busy working--even while at work--that I haven't had time to blog. I know my five faithful readers might be dissapointed. I'm dissapointed myself, because a lot has been going on for me to write about.

Just haven't made the time.

Problem with process is, unless I "clear the deck" of all the stuff I want to catch up on, I can't move on and write about the now.

So, the rundown:

Went to New Orleans. Had a great time in the loving family home of Cousin Pam. Ate too much. Never enough Jazz. Will be recording the trip soon in my travelogue.

Working hard on the house. We've decided to take the main floor one room at a time, starting with the Dining Room. We have to peel back the paint, which is over wallpaper, which is directly on the plaster. According to the best decorating book I've read, I have standard old paper, which can be stripped, but leaves behind a paper backing.

This gives you some idea of what I'm dealing with. Sometimes, walls do talk.

It says "No 262," we think. Probably the number of the wallpaper. Hmmm.

It's hard work.

Next, we need to get the backing paper off. Spritzing with water works, at first, but the paper is so dry it sucks up the moisture too fast to peel. Of course, the water makes it readhere more firmly, reactivating the glue. The answer is apparently a steam stripper, which will hopefully keep the backing paper moist enough to peel. Next stop, Lowes.

I can't wait to see what you do with the place. Remodeling can be so much fun once you get past all that frustrating work stuff. :)
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