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We're in it now

The other day a friend reminded me that the home renovation Jon and I have been pursuing is going to take a long, long time to complete. Specifically, she said "You're never going to finish."

Well, as Granny used to say, "if you want to get Christina to do something, tell her she can't." (This corrollary often paralleled "if you can get Chrisitna to do anything, she'll do it right.") So I'm grateful to my friend for providing just the motivation I needed.

Our Lead Paint Abatement Contractor started yesterday, in the dining room.

As I've peeled back the paint and wallpaper, levered back our windows, picked at paint samples, I've had the constant thought: "Crap."

Sadly, Chez Grantham will be closed to gaming for the summer. We are under new management, under construction, under a mountain of to do's.

Nothing to it but to do it. Should be an interesting summer.

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