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Fire Karl Rove

Air America Radio is circulating a petition to Fire Karl Rove, the man (allegedly?) behind the leak of a CIA agent's identity.

My one concern: What will the Scarecrow do without his brain?

Sign the petition here.

Hi Christina,

You even say in your blog that Rove "allegedly" is the man behind the leak. Aren't you jumping to the far side of the arguement to suggest that people sign the petition asking to have Rove fired? Seems to me that you are allowing your dislike for the current administration to arrive at an assumption of guilt without giving the man the benefit of a trial.

Have Fun,
According to CNN, "Time magazine correspondent Matthew Cooper said Sunday that Bush's chief political adviser, Karl Rove, told him Wilson's wife worked for the CIA and that Lewis Libby, chief of staff for Vice President Dick Cheney, confirmed that piece of information."

Whether or not that's a crime is one question (which can be determined at trial). But employers (especially the White House) are free to employ a higher standard than, "are you a criminal," in deciding whether or not to fire you.
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