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Dirty Laundry

So, another birthday all to myself, at least until tonight. It's far preferable to last year's birthday. Still, I'm doing laundry, and I'm tired of doing so much laundry because of the small wardrobe we have out here, so I'm planning a little shopping trip to UTC nearby, and may even head down into LJ Village for some funkier shops. I need tops and cool slacks for Vermont anyway... it's my birthday, I'm in Sunny So. Cal., and I'll shop til I drop.

I opened one gift this morning, a CD by Christina Milian, and have been listening to it all day. I especially like the second track. But the rest of my gifts will wait until Jon gets home. Then we're off to Rei Do Gado, a Brazilian churascaria in the Gaslamp Quarter, for a romantic dinner.

Meanwhile, doing the laundry will keep my hands from wandering toward the rest of my gifts. Jon wrapped them last night (good thing I married a procrastinator like me), and the pile's teasing me from the dining room table. The paper is lovely, but thin enough to see through on at least one gift. I've been so good I turned it over to save the surprise. Of course, that side was visible too....