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We've eaten at several local spots over the four weeks I've been here. Below is a compendium of reviews of the different restaraunts.

Yummy Maki Yummy Box
Within walking distance of our little nest is the best deal we've found on sushi anywhere. Family owned and operated, this little dive nestled in a tiny shopping mall serves some of the best sushi I've had.
Jon and I, seeking a respite from cooking, sought out YMYB. IThe tiny spot seated maybe 26 people, and was half full. This impressed me as a good crowd, as Jon and I tend to eat rather late. The clientele was mixed: asians and hispanics, families and couples, plus one larger group that resembled an after-work gathering.

Jon had eaten there before, but I ordered the Sashimi platter, while Jon had the more traditional Sushi and rolls platter. The tuna was so good we ordered extra yellowfin tuna and salmon sushi. And you can't beat the price with a stick.

Rock Bottom Brewery
Jon, B. and I went here on my first night in La Jolla. I arrived very late, and YMYB was already closed. We headed across the street to an old favorite.

Rock Bottom is the sort of pub/bar/american grill found just about anywhere across the country. Their beer list was short for a self-proclaimed brew pub, but the food was actually quite tasty. I had fish. Jon had steak. Too loud for a nice conversation. Good service. Average prices soared a bit at dinner; most entrees were between $12 and $22.

Old Town Mexican Cafe
Several people had recommended the Old Town Cafe in San Diego's historic district. While Sarah was here, we decided to give it a whirl. The long wait worked out well, as Sarah and I left Jon holding the buzzer to peruse the local tourist shops selling tees, candles, and funny magnets.

I have to say the Ceviche was excellent. Best I've had since Mexico. My main meal was tasty too. Service lagged, however, and we waited a very long time for even the standard water. In fact, by the time our waitress showed up, we'd devoured the salsa and chips, and were ready to order. Sarah was less enamored of her food, and did not react favorably, though we can't directly blame Old Town Cafe for her stomach upset.

Tomorrow, we're having a little birthday bash for two at Rei Do Gado (king of the bulls), a Brazilian BarBQ place recommended by our house cleaner, Su.

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