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Looking for the Intelligence in Intelligent Design

Watching Connected Coast to Coast's debate on the new spin on creationism, I'm struck by Father Louis Molinelli's arguing the case of the Catholic Church.

Molinelli represents the same organization that once burned people at the stake for scientific study. Now they're co-opting scientific principles to solidify their slipping position. Seems to me they're a little slow on the uptake.

Of course, Molinelli fared better than Joyce Meyer (Joyce Meyer Ministries), who said "I believe" more often than "God," and never answers Host Ron Reagan's question:

Ron: "Give me one example of an empirical fact you can point to... that supports Intelligent Design."

Joyce: "For me, the only evidence I need is what my life is... after God."

Host: "I'm not hearing science here, yet, Joyce. A scientific case for Intelligent Design."

Joyce: " I'm not a scientist, I'm a Christian, and I believe that the Bible is true."

She pretty much said it all.

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