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Well, for three years now I've been thinking to myself, "If only I could get to the paint." I've been nagging my husband with it, too.

Now we're there! We've painted the front three rooms. I'm finishing the halls and touch-ups this weekend. We'll finish the unpainted doors one by one, and there is still plenty of renovation work to do.

Is skimming/mudding the walls considered heavy-duty repair work? I used to think so. Now, I think of it as housekeeping. But before we start any "new" projects, we're going to spend the next few months finishing the rooms we've started, up to and including the fun part: decorating.

It'll be like going to a really cool flea market in my own home. We've stuff packed in every nook of the house, and now I get to do the organizing: Purge, decorate, make window treatments.

It's an adjustment, switching gears. I keep trying to think of what I need from the hardware store. Nothing. Not a thing. I am headed instead to Ikea for a lamp, JC Penny's for some cushions, and maybe Target for some hotpads.

My most recent realization: I get to start shopping in much more attractive stores. Aside from putting Mom and Pop out of business, those warehouse stores are just hideous. Seriously, Orange?

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