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For the first time ever yesterday, I contributed cash money to a political campaign. That's right! Of course, I've never read books by a potential presidential candidate either, so these are all firsts for me.

I do hope that Barrack wins, as long as he's running. He seems at once sane and sage, straightforward and eloquent, aware without politicking, and knowledgeable. I particularly appreciate his global weltenschaung, learned from travels round the world as a child. I also like the idea of having some multi-cultural representation up there.

Still, my original wish was that he run as VP first(with Al Gore), partly to assuage the "lack of experience", but mostly so that we could have him up there for 16 years, instead of just 8. But he's already rocked MY vote. (I've such a crush.)

For more information, or to donate, see his website.

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