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Let Freedom Fly?

The fire in the old Executive Office Building this morning burned near Cheney's secondary office, one he rarely uses, according to the radio reports I heard this morning. Does anyone else wonder what got destroyed? More graphic evidence of torture, perhaps? Some information on those recently-released Pakistanis?

I just can't help thinking that Cheney and the Administration are getting desperate. Taking a long view of the recent history of firings and resignations coupled with Wexler's call for impeachment hearings makes me wonder just how desperate the Administration -- with their proven fealty to law-breaking -- could get. Desperate enough to hire arsonists? Seems they ran out of Armed forces and Government lackeys to do their dirty work, certainly. And though they can waive penalties for their buddy law-breakers, they might be coming to realize that at the top, there's no one above to pass out pardons, let you gracefully scoot away.

My main question today, though, is "If Wexler writes an op-ed will anyone read it?" Wexler, (D-FL) called for hearings last week, and continues to do so on his Website, on the Huffington Post, anywhere where anyone will listen. As the head of the House Judiciary Committee, you'd think his words would have some pull and everybody would listen at least halfway, while the nightly news serenades them at dinner. However, as I heard on the radio last week (and as seen on his Website), his call for impeaching Cheney remains largely unheard. The Washington Post, The NY Times, and many other major papers refused to even print it. This is a mistake; it'll be interesting to see how the Post eats crow as the movement gains enough momentum for them to deem it newsworthy.

We're talking about an Op-ed, here. I haven't checked if there's a printed disclaimer, but certainly most readers of these esteemed (until now) journalistic papers would clearly understand they were reading a reader's opinion, not to be confused with the political position of the Post. Or the Times.

The more I read about this impending trial (whether a judicial one, or just another gauntlet for the U.S. to fake through), the more I realize how damaged we've become over the last 5 years. When the most respected newspapers in the country won't print the reasonably worded, coherent thoughts of one of our nation's leaders, they sink the very freedom on which their entire enterprise rests. I'm inevitably left with more questions than the "journalists" are willing to answer.

Not only did the Post not print Wexler's Op-ed, they won't even say why. And as far as I can google, there are no stories covering this rising tide for impeachment, depite receiving almost 100,000 signatures on the site. (Go sign the petition.)

What I'm struggling with the most is, why has the Government stopped crediting the beliefs and rights of the people who "own" it? And why have the "journalists" followed suit? Not only are gov't officials ignoring the law and it's underpinnings, now too are the for-profit "news"papers.

The more I see of these United States, the more I want to live in Costa Rica. There's no Army, there, see, and Latin American corruption is more out in the open.

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