Object Lessons: Rantings of a Lone Pamphleteer
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(Today's lessons: Citizens can impeach, the impeachment movement is growing, and you don't have to have sexy interns involved in order to impeach.)

I've been checking Wexler's progress on getting more signatures for his petition to get impeachment hearings for VP Cheney rolling before the year is up, and am pleased to see his total is over 190,000 signatures (in four weeks). He also has posted video of his recent speech from the floor, where he notes that other websites are also promoting impeachment of our executive branch, [such as www.impeachbush.org, www.impeachpac.org, www.petitiontoimpeach.com, www.petitiononline.com, and about 187,ooo similar hits, according to Google. One interesting website cites the "Do-it-yourself impeachment," using a little-known rule in the House's Jefferson Manual (ratified by each Congress, including the current one) to impeach. Citizens, it seems, can start the impeachment process, too.]

When all the petitions are assembled, more that one million U.S. citizens (according to Wexler's speech) are calling for impeachment. Of course, this combines the two high offices of the Executive branch, and it doesn't take much thought to realize why it's best to take them down in the same way Seargeant York shot turkeys: he picked them off from back to front. Does Bush even see what's snowballing behind him?

Wikipedia hosts a page on the call for impeachment, and describes several "Rationales for Impeachment" (of Bush). Specifically, the Wiki lists ("alleged") high crimes and misdemeanors:
  1. NSA warrantless surveillance controversy
  2. 2003 invasion of Iraq (Constitutionality of invasion, Justification for invasion, U.N. Charter issues)
  3. Geneva Conventions controversy (Unlawful combatant status, Extraordinary rendition of suspected terrorists to other countries, Treatment of detainees)
  4. Leaking of classified information (Possible involvement in the CIA leak/Valerie Plame, falsification of documents regarding Saddam's uranium holdings, Commuting Libby's sentence, Declassification for political purposes)
  5. Politicization of the United States attorney offices
  6. Hurricane Katrina mishandling
  7. Expanding his own executive powers
Although no references to intern's panties will excite the American imagination, there's plenty here to keep the public entertained. My only concern is that the Congress has waited too late, and that with only a year left on the current presidency, there won't be enough time to actually get anywhere with the impeachment. In short I'm afraid it's all showboating. The cynic in me says the appearance of "doing something" without having to do anything serves the Dem's purpose as well. Nonetheless, I support impeachment because it's the right thing to do, if for nothing else than history's sake.

It occurs to me that as U.S. citizens become more and more polarized ... (is polarized the right word? "Polarized" defines two segments of society at odds, but in truth our divisions are multiplied by race, geography, religion -- all those elements which grow into our individual ethical stance) that as the citizenry cuts itself into tiny segments, it's harder for them to coalesce into a united front. It serves Bush's purpose to keep us all divided into tiny segments.

So, here's today's point: If we consolidate all the grassroots impeachment movements behind Wexler (who, as a member of the judiciary Committee, has some pull) and Congressman Kucinich (who has put forth a resolution for impeachment), we might get somewhere. So pull together, and sign Wexler's petition. [If you can't find something to be offended at in the list of offenses above, then you need to reread it.]

While you're at it, watch the video of Wexler calling for impeachment hearings this week.

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