Object Lessons: Rantings of a Lone Pamphleteer
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First Calvalry to the Rescue!

Today's Lesson: Obama is no saint.

As he said Tuesday, he is "an imperfect vessel." In fact, he is no more above pandering to the voting public than Hillary; he's just better at it, by being more specific. For example, on tonight's debate Obama congratulates “the First Cavalry out of Fort Hood," which "played an enormous role” in Iraq during the surge.

Now, my first cousin Eddie Gilbert is a CSM in the 1st Cav., otherwise I wouldn't have known that Fort Hood is nearly smack-dab in the middle of Texas. But it's worth noting that their involvement in the surge was their second trip to Iraq. They did plenty the first time too. (Also their second tour was extended by six months or more.) Furthermore, they've been home for a couple of months now, and are undoubtedly primed to vote. That's 16,700 soldiers (plus spouses, kids, siblings, cousins, and 'rents). Now that's what I call a pander.

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