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Latinas for Barack!

Yet another reason not to vote for Hillary next Tuesday, from the Tucson Citizen:

Sergio Bendixen, a Latino who conducts polls for Hillary Clinton (emphasis mine), suggested during an interview with Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker that "the Hispanic voter - and I want to say this very carefully - has not shown a lot of willingness to
support black candidates."

John B. Judis, writing in The New Republic, insisted that Latino voters could be a firewall for Hillary Clinton in part because of "a legacy of an older Latin American prejudice against blacks that has been transplanted to this country."

And, in The New York Times, Adam Nagourney and Jennifer Steinhauer cited "a history of often uneasy and competitive relations between blacks and Hispanics, particularly as they have jockeyed for influence in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York." Nagourney and Steinhauer neglected to mention that each of those cities
have, in the past, elected black mayors who captured the majority of the Latino

Now, I'd like to point out that Barack is in position to swing this thing. Every speech he concentrates not on the opposition, but on the future of America, and the voters who have not made the decision, and voters who might be tempted to jump away from the regular brew of candidates. Real ideas, with powerfully written speeches. And nowhere does he turn people away, or predict that they won't vote for him because of his color. Why are the pundits suggesting that other colorful groups might not vote for him? It's true they might not, but I'd rather vote for the candidate who is for inclusion than the one who is for carving up the vote as a political strategem from the 60's.

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