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What's she waiting for?

Today's Lesson: In politics and fashion, everything old is new again.

Why is Hillary still in the race? Even after winning tonight, the Hillary's deficit in pledged delegates nears 140, per CNN and other sources. The spread like middle age keeps spreading.

The only reason I can surmise, the only reason to keep running, is if Hillary finally got around to reading the Constitution and its amendments. The Twelfth Amendment, specifically.

I just finished watching the John Adams miniseries, an interesting and well-made film. Adams himself was affected by the original electoral method. Early on in U.S. history, after the Articles of Confederation but before the Twelfth was written, VeeP's were elected by the electoral college separately from the Pres. Each voted twice for President, and whoever came in second was the VeeP. It didn't take long for problems to force an amended system; most credit the election of 1800, which ran to 36 ballots before Jefferson was elected, as the last straw. The first straw might have been the 1796 election, in which the two toppers (Adams and Jefferson) were from different parties with increasingly differing views.

So, the young Congress instituted the Twelfth Amendment, which revised the Constitutional provisions in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 3. Essentially, the text changes the system from "Two votes per elector, Vote for the President, Top wins, Second is VP", to separate votes for the two top offices. Later, by common practice the parties proposed people in both positions, so effectively the electors now vote for a ballot of two.

But then there's that pesky Twelfth Amendment, underpinning common practice and which ultimately overrides it should anyone decide to pursue a legal challenge. Should she choose to, could Hillary demand to be allowed to run, not on a joint ticket, but on her own, as a VP candidate? Is that her plan? If so, staying in the race for Pres. is to her advantage, keeping her in the publics' eye and a close contender for the second seat. In my mind this places her down around with Huckabee who was apparently trying for the second spot by continuing his run.

No one doubts that Hillary would accept such a position. In fact, at this point I'd guess that is her aspiration, for it must be increasingly clear even to Clinton that (again like Huckabee) her winning the Presidential nod is a mathematical impossibility. What's left except second violin?

Remember when Hillary said (the first time she was asked if she would be willing to be on an Obama-Clinton ticket), "Well, that may be where this is headed."? Thinking about the Twelfth Amendment, I'm getting worried. Really worried that she could legally confront the standard electoral process, and force them to play by the rules as laid out in 1804.

On a different note, Hillary campaign spokesman Mo Elleithee continues the Clintonian practice of spinning lies for the derelict media, trying to portray Hillary as the underdog because she lacks Obama's record-setting funds. "Obama is trying to spend his way to the nomination," he said. "When you're spending as much as he is in state after state and failing to win [emphasis mine], it raises a big question about why he can't close the deal."

This statement completely ignores that Obama reinvented the way people donate. Or that he mobilized millions of non-voters among the young, the minority, the disenfranchised. Or the fact that she's been overspending until recently (her staffers have downgraded to the Holiday Inn, for which I do pity them), and that she can't cover her bills (she owes almost $7 million more than she has in the bank, including that loan to herself), facts which clearly show her inability to manage a large enterprise. More importantly, Elleithee completely ignores the fact that Obama has won twice the number of contests as Hillary, 30 to her 15 (including PA). Or that he holds a lead among the pledged delegates, and most importantly Obama leads in the popular vote. He's the miracle, the Cinderella Man, the tortoise who is so far ahead he's unbeatable at this point.

This blog has been amended May 7:

The Sentence: "Or that he holds a lead among the pledged delegates, superdelegates, and..." was edited, removing "superdelegates," for which Clinton still holds a lead as of this date.
I always thought that a girl specifically could be a good option not only to be the VP, but the president of the US. Now Hbo is releasing a new series called Veep, which follows Meyer (the VP of USA) and her staff as they attempt to make their mark and leave a lasting legacy, without getting tripped up in the day-to-day political games that define Washington
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