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The lady's got cojones?

Now I'm sure I can't vote for her. Not because she was painted as having "testicular fortitude" by a supporter (and labor leader), but because she continues to try to paint Obama as elitist, which implies the stigma of being effite as well.

Anti-Feminists have often used the argument (that women in power have an emasculating effect) to defeat women in power. In this they are partly right, as there is nothing pleasant about a woman who attempts to emasculate any man; it's as unattractive as the excessive masculine pride which overly feminizes women. If we cannot stay in our own bodies and be whoever or work at whatever we desire, then we're still trapped in an unequal society.

On that note, what's wrong with an elegant man? Nothing. Perhaps we are habituated to ignore well-mannered splendiferousness , perhaps spoiled by the machismo of Reagan and Bush Jr. There is obvious display of force, there is quiet strength, and then there is weakness. Obama appears full of the quiet strength of an eloquent, self-possessed diplomat who does not need to gun a V-12 engine to prove his foot works.

I also find it really funny that the Hillary tries to plug into local stereoptypes no matter where she is. In Indiana, she's gassing up a pick-up truck. Ridiculous. More ridiculous than the fact that she made that working man and his family drive 65 miles (per CNN) to meet her at her hotel. [I wonder if she reimbursed him for his gas.] The point is she'll compose herself in what she thinks is the best light for the state that's voting next. I doubt we'd see her propose a Lincoln-Douglas style debate off a pickup in New York State. Obama is himself, always himself or at least he presents the same public face in every state where he campaigns.

I'm really bothered by her playing the simpering woman who admits she hasn't gassed up a vehicle in at least 15 years, "because of the Secret Service." It's not clear whether she is prohibited from doing it for her safety, but it sounded more like she "has people," suited men on the public payroll. However, I doubt gassing up the motorcade is in their job description, either. There's probably a fleet storage lot with its own gas pump somewhere in DC; who knows what they arrange elsewhere, rentals maybe? Not only did Clinton miss the point of pumping her own gas (the Hoosier pumped it yesterday, heaven forbid her nail polish become smudgy), she probably has no idea who actually does gas up her cars.

[Parenthetically, her attitude recalls Shirley MacLaine's character in Guarding Tess, where former first lady Tess orders around her Secret Service staff, led by Nick Cage. Tess all but made them do her nails.]

But hey, she doesn't own the motorcade cars, she just uses them at the publics' expense (we pay for Secret Service and ancillary expenses). We probably paid for the $63 that half-filled the SUV in the photo op yesterday.

Painting herself as the people's candidate is not truthful. She's got 105 million in the bank, she graduated from two ivy league schools, and she hasn't even pumped gas in over a decade. Now she's again trying to claim that Obama is "out of touch" with the middle class. She's projecting again.

He is elite. He should be. Rather than schmoozing his way to the top with soft-money donors, he worked for it.

Today's Lesson: From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online:
  1. adj. A: the choice part; b: the best of a class; c: the socially superior part of society; d: a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence; e: a member of such an elite —usually used in plural
  2. noun. a typewriter type providing 12 characters to the linear inch