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No Angels in Crawford

If you look up the Jenna Bush wedding, or saw advance "news" about it on CNN (as Jon and I did), perhaps you saw a photo of "an angel wearing a bridal veil and carrying a bouquet. According to Jon's web research, and his blog, the metal angel cut-out is a 9/11 memorial.

"Freedom's Angel of Steadfast Love," by Lei Hennessey-Owen, is one of four 9/11 sculptures she created in 2004.

Per the Star Telegram, "Even the 9/11 angel memorial on Crawford’s Main road is dressed up for the wedding party. The Steel cut-out has a wedding veil on top and a bouquet of flowers. The wedding is a party that just may be Crawford’s last hurrah."

Let's hope so, if the townsfolk of Crawford (such as Marilyn Judy, president of the Crawford Chamber of Commerce--pictured here--who in one article is seen adjusting the veil with a pole) are more interested in drawing a crowd than in respecting the dead of 9/11.

Since posting, the Star Telegram has removed the article referenced above from their web site, and replaced it with another detailing the Bush wedding.
I think you can see the original one here.
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