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Presidential Body Still Crushing on Obama

While I've been traveling this winter, I missed out on a lot, and as a consequence must catch up on U.S. news. Now, I'd heard about the Obama in Hawaii photos, but never found the time to look them up. Ok, yea, he works out. But this photo from the Huffington Post really gave me a double-take. Here is a President for the 21st Century:

All I can say is: Dude... rock the wave.

You know, it's pretty cool when, as an individual, one accumulates a breadth of experience spawned by multiple heritages, an ability to walk in various cultures and enjoy the best of each. I find myself wondering he likes Indonesian food, or at least won't refuse to try it. Like John Quincy Adams, he is "not narrow," a man of the world literally as a function of his multicultural heritage.

I know a little bit about this. I, too, am a "Mutt". In fact, I feel like he stole my line in proposing the girls adopt a "mutt like me." I've said that lots of times, because I am so mixed.

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