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Abuse of women reaches a new low

Today's Lesson: How about a little psych testing before handing out police badges to troglodytes?

Warning: This post contains disturbing facts. Reader discretion is advised.

Usually while traveling, I watch foreign CNN channels or BBC World, and every once in a while, at home, I like to catch BBC America's news show, just to gauge the foreign perspective on U.S. events. Occasionally, these news shows present news that is not aired on the U.S.brand of CNN, or HNN, or MSNBC, etc.

For example, last November, a Seattle cop beat a 15-year-old girl senseless in a holding cell. The video was just released on Friday, and aired on BBC America's World News show on Sunday, March 1. According to the BBC show and the online Seattle PI, Washington state Deputy Paul Schene (31), pled not guilty to fourth-degree assault, claiming the amount of force used against the girl was not excessive.

(Lest you think this troubled child was a vicious criminal, note that she and her friend were arrested on suspicion of car theft. The car she allegedly stole belongs to her parents. Some online sources are claiming she provoked Seattle Deputy Paul Schene, a man twice her age and size. BBC news shows two angles, one in the hall, one in the cell. In both you can see her "provoking" Deputy Paul Schene by kicking off her shoes in his general direction. Deputy Paul Schene claims he needed medical treatment for a blood bruise on his shin, which could as easily--perhaps more easily--have resulted from Deputy Schene hitting his own shin against the metal toilet in the cell when he attacks the girl.)

Here we have a man in his prime acting like a typical caveman against a girl barely past girlhood. Clan of the Cave Bear didn't show such abuse against girls. In the video you clearly can see Deputy Paul Schene kick her into the cell (landing a full-on kick to her midsection), push her against the wall, land at least three punches to her head, and drag her to the floor (and later back up from it) by her hair. By the third punch to her head, she appears unconcious on the floor. Most shocking is the tacit approval offered by the other officer, who stayed in the hall while the girl was attacked in her cell. By Deputy Paul Schene. Of Auburn, in Washington state. Phone unpublished.

I just can't get over how little we've advanced in this world. Are there still men who have so much fear of women that they feel the need to pummel them? Drag them around by the hair? Stand by while others pummel a child?

Where is the oversight? This isn't the first time the King County Sherrif's office has been accused of excessive force. It's happened three times in as many years. Deputy Schene was viciously attacked by (and subsequently put 11 bullets in) a perp a few years ago. I'm thinking PTSD? Maybe some additional psych reviews -- not to mention sensitivity training -- is in order in this backwater.

And where is the media, the fourth estate, the free press whose role is to protect by whistle-blowing? The Seattle papers and the BBC have carried the story and the video, which was just posted to YouTube 2 hours ago, and a few other sources are hopping on the story. Why isn't this all over the 24-hour "news" channels? Why are women's issues pushed back while CNN loops a story about restaurants? How can women expect 21st-Century treatment when the media generally ignores such a sensational story?

At any rate, I hope Deputy Schene enjoys a long, eventful stay in the prison system, and (to paraphrase Homer Simpson on Krusty's release from jail) that "I sincerely hope the stories I've heard about prison are all true."

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