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Death Panel? Really?

I'm shocked by the Republican rhetoric surrounding the issue of health care. It's a bit... terroristic. Bush used the same tactic: "If we don't do something (about 9/11), you're going to die."

Now, the GOP (emphasis on O) is screaming from every corner: "If we do something (about health care) you're going to die."

I've got news for them: "The death rate among humans is 100%." Therefore, isn't it important to ensure quality end-of-life care for everyone (the rabble-rousing minority included)? See, the problem is not death panels nor partisan politics, the problem is that there are many, many citizens suffering because they receive below-par care, or none at all, not only during but at the end of their lives. The point is to raise everyone up to minimal standards --minimal-- which address the needs of our growing geriatric population. The baby boom is headed up there, after all.

The obvious choice is to do what's best for the individual and the group.


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