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Blogging the Snowpocalypse

Today's Lesson: What to do when you're likely to be stuck at home for several days in the worst snowstorm since 1922.

If you're buried under the accumulated snow and wondering what to do with yourself, don't leave the house! If you're like me, cleaning is a priority. So is calling the oil company twice to request an oil drop so your heat doesn't go out, and cooking some serious comfort food (Chez Grantham is making chicken 'n' dumplings and shortbread Christmas cookies). Consider digging out all those unread books, crocheting or knitting some new longjohns to keep you busy. Finish wrapping and decorating for the holidays. (Got your New Year's Eve groove on?) Even consider holding Christmas a week early, so everyone can keep busy with their toys. After all, isn't avoiding boredom more important than holding to the calendar date?

But if you're a techie like Jon, it just makes sense to start a new website. SnowPanic.com has been up and running since the flakes started falling last night. If you're panicking in the Mid-atlantic, or are enjoying watching others panic, consider becoming a stringer; send your story, photos, news clips or transcripts, or funny stories and if you are chosen we'll credit you!

(This is a non-paying gig.)

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